Corning Selfie Flash Case

Service : Product Innovation, Product Development

Picture-Perfect Lighting for Every Selfie

CRE8 was delighted to take the mission of helping students that won Corning Future Innovator awards to turn their idea into a real product.

To solve the problems caused by insufficient lighting when taking selfies at night, the concept was to combine the features of Corning’s Iris Glass – a light guide plate that allows for even light distribution – and apply the technology on selfie-taking functions.

Through numerous experiments, CRE8’s industrial designers and mechanical engineers worked collaboratively and used light measuring technology to ensure that the lighting at each distance was able to achieve expected results. The team also studied different directions of how the light got through the glass and its reflectivity.

In the end, a selfie flash case providing perfect lighting was made into reality, and was presented at the award ceremony to celebrate creativity and collaboration between universities and real-world industry.