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A Smart Way to Quit

StopLight is a smart lighter that allows users to track their smoking habits and help them quit smoking.
Connecting with an APP on your smart phone via Bluetooth technology, you can easily customize your preferred settings.


The LED indicator shows how many cigarettes one can still smoke, or how much time he/she needs to wait until the next one.

The design keeps the lighter sleek and compact, making it lightweight and comfortable to hold or to stow in your pocket.

Mechanical Innovation

Our engineers managed to fit all the components inside a very tight package, including reservoir, battery and PCB.
Made of anodized aluminum and ABS, the lighter is a durable design that can withstand a great deal of punishment.

The complete integration of CRE8 DESIGN’s product design and mechanical engineering capabilities including quality control and prototype testing, as well as partnership with experienced electronic engineers made this product a success.