Sunrise Downhill Bicycle

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2016-01

Geared for Exceptional Performance

With more than 40 years of bike frame manufacturing experience, Sunrise Bicycle commissioned CRE8 to develop new concepts for its high-end carbon downhill bike. This project involved collaboration between both CRE8’s industrial design team and mechanical engineering team.

Good suspension design is crucial for downhill bikes, as the suspension kinematics will decide the bike’s performance and handling as well as make the bike unique.

A linkage driven single pivot was chosen for its simplicity and versatility. The main pivot was placed close to the bottom bracket thus making the wheel axle travel in an almost vertical curve and reducing the chainstay growth.

One of the requirements was a suspension travel of 216 mm, more simply, that the rear wheel axle could move 216 mm up to absorb the energy of an impact and transfer it to the shock.

The geometry and sizing, such as head tube angle, wheel base, and chainstay, were defined by the client. The entire suspension layout was adjusted according to it.

Mechanical innovation was a priority, and CRE8’s industrial design team was fast to respond to the specs in a stylish way.

Bike shocks usually come in many different sizes. For this case, a 240 x 76 mm shock was chosen. We then adjusted the pivot and linkage positions to make full use of the shock’s 76 mm stroke length.