MOOY Gekko Board

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2015-01


Where Functions Meet Mechanical Cleverness

Gekko Board - a new product series launched by MOOY - has 3 diverse versions for its multifunctional purposes: Business, Power, and Script, to be your best work, study or travel mate.

Providing smart storage for stationery, cards, power banks and cables, Gekko Board is equipped with built-in and detachable clips, elastic Velcro straps, pen holders, all created by CRE8’s designers and engineers for users to freely stick on the board.

A significant amount of prototypes were made to be tested and iterated by CRE8’s mechanical engineers with different combinations of materials in various user scenarios.

The detachable side clips that integrate well with most binders could be inserted from the edge of the board and slide around the track. In order to leave enough tolerance for the gap and to carry out consistent product quality, CRE8’s team defined the specifications based on the results from a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR).


Through a carefully executed testing process, CRE8’s mechanical engineers chose the most suitable Velcro straps in size and made sure that there is enough adhesion to hold the weight of the boards and the objects stored, yet the adhesive force is not too strong for the straps to be disconnected by users under certain circumstances.