3M VL6000 LED Lamp

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2015-12

Merge Flexibility with Stability

Backed up by advanced LED technology, 3M developed its latest LED lamp – VL6000 along with CRE8’s industrial design and mechanical engineering teams. To find equilibrium between design aesthetics and mass production has always been a big challenge to many designers, but in this case, CRE8’s designers and engineers were able to pull off seamless work to make the magic happen.



The lamp was designed in a simple, linear, and malleable manner. Therefore the gooseneck connecting the head and the base needed to be carefully selected. Taking different user scenarios into consideration, the arm of the lamp required flexibility and stability. The diameter of the gooseneck covered by eco-friendly rubber was well calculated after many times of testing as the heavy LED module had to be bolstered firmly, while the base of the lamp was enhanced for better support.