MOOY SNAPPY Cable Butler

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2015-02


Uncompromised Product Quality

MOOY is a young and dynamic brand created with the help of CRE8’s designers and engineers. And SNAPPY cable butler, a brainchild that combines both design innovation and the mechanical genius of CRE8’s team, is the very first product launched by MOOY.

Protecting headsets from damage while offering space to neatly manage cables, SNAPPY consists of a rubberized metal spring plate that can responsively roll up cables and transform the device into a handy bundled solution. Due to its thinness and highly elastic nature, it is very challenging to control the quality of the metal spring plate. Therefore, CRE8’s mechanical engineering team came up with a unique fixture (jig) design to ensure the accuracy of delivered steel.


Discarding a regular rubber compression molding process, CRE8’s engineers decided to adopt rubber injection molding in order to make a custom, more delicate, better quality rubber product that is integrated into one piece through the use of tool slides and double injection.

Various engineering validation tests were performed prior to the production process, including: 1) examining accurate spring plate placement as it affects roll-up quality, 2) squeeze testing to test the endurance of the product, 3) the product’s compatibility with different headsets, so SNAPPY can fit for a great diversity of user scenarios.