Quick-Release Levers for Cannonade
Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2014-05


Engineering for Advanced Quality

One of the bicycle industry leaders - Cannondale - commissioned CRE8 to come up with some innovative road and mountain bikes’ quick-release (QR) levers for their new product line.

Working seamlessly with our industrial designers to make sure that the lever is strong enough for a bike wheel, CRE8’s engineers reinforced the whole structure by following the dynamic form, which provides bike riders an easy-to-use and trust-worthy premium user experience.

The selected material, high-grade 7075-T6 aluminum, was finished with a matte yet silky surface treatment, exuding a sophisticated feel.

CRE8’s mechanical engineering team used stress test simulation software to check potential weak points and breakage, enabling the industrial designers to fine-tune and improve stability regarding weight and strength ratio.