Quanta Healthcare Tablet Docking Station

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2015-09

Engineered for Smart Health Management

It is one of the major trends now that the healthcare industry is being improved by the “Internet of Things”. People can collect and keep track of health data to maintain better quality of life. Quanta Computer thus asked CRE8 to assist in the mechanical engineering design for its healthcare tablet docking station.

Engineered for real-time, online diagnosis, this docking station perfectly connects tablets to a wide variety of medical peripherals, so your blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, and such data can be transmitted to your doctor. Comprised of two speakers, there is a chamber designed with enough space to prevent resonance.

The whole structure takes into consideration manufacturability and assembly, so the product can stay strong yet cost effective. CRE8’s engineers also helped with the PCB placement and mechatronics. The WiFi antenna is cleverly put for better signal, while all parts are firmly fixed.

In order to make sure that the LED lighting is spread evenly, the position of the illuminant is carefully considered after a series of simulation. CRE8 also worked on the materials selection: the upper product exterior is opaque, while the bottom is translucent to indicate different color profiles.