Raven - JABLOCOM® Phone GDP-08

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2014-09


Raven - The First Desktop Smartphone

Following a successful collaboration with JABLOCOM on its Essence business desktop phone, CRE8 again took charge of the mechanical engineering design for the company’s most recent Android-based desktop phone - Raven.


As the first desktop smartphone on the market, Raven features an intuitive interface with the power of Google Play applications, along with video conferencing and digital phonebook capabilities on an 8-inch tablet-sized screen.

The unique design of this phone requires rigorous mechanical innovation. One of the challenges lies in the product’s limited interior space. A tablet typically consists of a piece of glass, touch panel, and LCD. In order to mount a relatively large tablet onto a desktop phone, which allows for considerably less inner space to incorporate all the components- including the PCB and sensors - CRE8’s mechanical engineering team had to devise a carefully arranged inner layout that ensures noninterference with antenna performance, while the cable routing was smartly designed to avoid complicated assembly. The enhanced structure passed multiple drop tests, demonstrating its durability.

The magnetically attached telephone receiver provides another noteworthy feature. A magnetic sensor, similar to the function of a smart iPad cover, can automatically switch off the phone when the receiver touches the phone cradle. In addition, CRE8 engineered Raven for easy, cost-effective manufacturability.