Business Desktop Phone

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2013-9



As a leading subsidiary of JABLOTRON, a well-known supplier of security systems and devices, JABLOCOM® focuses more on the niche telecommunication market. After launching a revolutionary “mobile GSM desktop phone,” JABLOCOM realized that the phone needed to be better manufactured to support its multifunctional features.

In a strategic move to simplify the production line for this product, CRE8’s mechanical engineering team designed a clean layout for the inner components and smart cable routing that enabled easy assembly of the phone parts and a more cost-effective manufacturing plan without compromising product quality.

CRE8 also enhanced the phone’s structure to make it stronger and more efficient. Well-placed compartments and an elastic mechanical fixture of the battery cap enable quick and easy access for a SIM card, SD memory card, and battery installation; a reversible hook allows for wall mounting; and the adjustable stand was streamlined and strengthened.

CRE8’s experience in light-conducting management allowed the engineering staff to optimize the LED lighting efficiency for more reliable flashing signals.