SHL® TRIO Injection Pad

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2013-10

Developed to respond to the need for a versatile injection pad that could be used during auto-injector usability testing, TRIO embodies a human-centered design approach that aims to “humanize” the drug delivery process and make it as accessible and approachable as possible.

CRE8’s experienced mechanical engineering team maintained design integrity while developing a smart tooling process that improved quality and cost-effectiveness.

TRIO is simplicity itself, designed with three functional, complimentary components. A translucent triangular container with an angled spout facilitates precise pouring. In order to maintain a streamlined form factor, CRE8’s mechanical engineers spent a lot of time researching tooling adjustments to alter the thickness of the container’s wall and ensure perfect curves.

The sturdy silicone rubber cap is structurally enhanced to provide high durability for multiple rounds of needle injection testing. Fins on the cap allow the container to be completely sealed.

The bracer, available in a range of lively colors, is grip-friendly and boasts a unique texture that creates friction to ensure stability on slippery surfaces.