Corsair® Voyager Air

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2013-1


A Wireless Hub for Your Connected Life

Aiming to build a wireless hard drive that can improve users’ “on-the-go” experience, our client, Corsair®, wanted their consumers to trust and rely on the device for mass data storage and sharing while on the road.

After our product designers developed a compact yet user-friendly chassis, CRE8’s mechanical engineering team continued detailed component placement and developed a working prototype of a sharable hard drive that is capable of working over both wireless and wired networks, and across iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

During this challenging process, our mechanical engineers performed tests to ensure that this unique device was shock-absorbent and structurally strong, with inner antenna performance that was robust enough to eliminate any electromagnetic interference.

CRE8 provided a complete solution to the client, including quality control during manufacturing, ensuring a rugged and attractive product that functions perfectly.