Best Buy® Acrylic Stand

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2012-6

iPad® has revolutionized the cooking behavior of many, allowing browsing for recipes and nutrition facts with ease. One issue though turned out to be even more problematic in the kitchen environment: grease and smear on the display!

CRE8 DESIGN has developed the solution for it with this unique stand that protects the iPad®3 when cooking or baking, and allows to control the device even with dirty fingers.

With the iPad® mounted from the back into the transparent frame, and a thin film glued on top of it, the iPad remains completely protected while still maintaining its full touch controllability.

It proved to be a quite challenging task to glue such a thin and sensitive micro layer film completely invisible atop the acrylic frame.

After researching and testing several different acrylic bounding solvents, the CRE8 Mechanical Engineering team was finally able to solve all issues, with a glue that remains completely transparent and does not compromise the lightweight appearance of the product, and with the iPad seemingly floating in the air.

The foldable feet designed by the team provides strong support without wobble when touching, and also allow for very easy storage to save space in a cluttered kitchen environment.