RocketFish® Lap Desk Mechanical Structure/Proof-of-concept

Service : Engineering and Production Control

Release Date : 2009-11

CRE8 DESIGN developed this Mobile Laptop Desk in response to an emerging trend towards using laptops in nearly every room in the home, creating a need for a portable work surface.  

The CRE8 DESIGN mechanical team rose to the challenge of designing left- and right-hand mouse tracking-pads with the specific request that they should feel solid and not “bouncy” during use. Our engineers devised a track-pad plus storage drawer combo where the storage doubles as a support structure for the mouse pads. The team added a selector-switch mechanism that allows operator to decide if they want to pull out the drawer only or the mouse tracking-pad with support structure.  

Due the complexity of adding soft foam covered with fabric to a plastic hard-case, the CRE8 DESIGN mechanical team opted to manufacture the unit in Taiwan. The strategy paid off, and our supplier achieved an excellent yield rate.