Keyboard Capsule for iPad® 2 Hinge Innovation

Service : Mechanical Design

Release Date : 2011-11

The brief: provide a best-value product for an increasingly crowded market of iPad accessories. CRE8 DESIGN developed an iPad Keyboard Hard-Case – iCapsule II with an innovative hinge-structure that allows multiple usage angles as well as providing an ultra-robust and solid first-in-category stand solution.  

Both the product design and mechanical engineering team studied possible breakthroughs, and we used rapid prototypes and computer aided simulations to validate our thinking. The “multiple-disciplines-under-one-roof” strategy paid off, and we designed the iCapsule II with a simple but durable L-shaped hinge that transfers and disperses the forces generated by using the touch screen.  

The CRE8 DESIGN engineering team also worked closely with our client’s manufacturing partners at every execution stage to optimize the production process and to ensure design integrity. Our engineering innovations, combined with our extensive network of affiliates (mockup makers, mold vendors, etc.), dramatically reduced the project timeframe.