MOOY Gekko Board

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2016-01

Your Organization Companion

With the ambition to solve everyday problems for urban dwellers, MOOY launched a new product series - Gekko Board - to enhance modern people’s constant traveling or commuting experience.

By observing people’s daily habits, CRE8’s designers understand which tools are essential for the target audience. It is often that people unfold their bags and spread out the tools when studying, working, or traveling, thus creating a messy situation. Therefore, Gekko Board is designed to help organize all the small objects that might be lost in the pool of your bag, from electronics, stationery, to credit cards, name cards, and store them in the right place.

To cope with different scenarios in life, Gekko Board comes in three versions: Business, Script, and Power, each equipped with fixed or detachable elastic Velcro straps. Users can simply stick on the straps and pen holder, and the multifunctional Gekko Board becomes your best study or travel mate providing smart storage.

The removable side clips also allow the board to be well integrated with a binder; or work as a stand-alone when needed. With everything tidily placed, it is easy to define your own personal space with just a little help from the Gekko Board.