Unitech Health Monitoring Device with

Separated Emergency Button

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-12

Creating a Friendlier Healthcare Environment

Experienced and specialized in automatic identification and data capture technologies, Unitech has started to enter new market segments providing total solutions for the healthcare industry.

Created for nursing homes, hospitals, VIP wards, and home environment, Unitech’s latest healthcare technology comprises both hardware and software. The service offered by Unitech is for lease. Patients or elder residents can rent the equipment - a health monitoring device along with a separated emergency button - to measure one’s health condition, collect, analyze data, and to help doctors remotely diagnose or keep track of the diseases with the support of its pairing software.

The device is designed with a 60-degree angle for the best viewing experience after studying numerous user scenarios. An add-on base can tilt the touchscreen to fit users of different heights. There is also a smart storage for the emergency button.

In order to make people feel less intimidated by new technologies, this device has a streamlined, organic form, exuding a soft and gentle touch. The color choices of arctic blue and white also give users a light and fresh feeling.

Being functional and fashionable at the same time, the separated emergency button is designed to look like a piece of jewelry. Covered in rose gold, the rounded wristband subtly blends technology in people’s daily life without making users feel bothered.

The combination of this device and emergency button is the realization of IoT and smart living, an unstoppable trend that is ought to help the aging society and the relationships between doctors, patients and their families.