HTC WiFi Speaker

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-09

Built for Quality Sound


HTC WiFi Speaker

Seeking to broaden the spectrum of its products, HTC has been planning to launch a wide variety of accessories including music-streaming devices. CRE8 was then commissioned to design a new wireless speaker that works perfectly in a home or office environment.

Exuding a minimalist style, the speaker delivers a clean and sleek look in sheer black. Inspired by HTC’s innovative Dot View cases, the fabric used to cover the frame is translucent, subtly revealing the design details inside.

To get the best sound quality whilst maintaining HTC’s design aesthetics, CRE8’s designers worked closely with acoustic engineers to make sure that the bass reflex vents were nicely placed and incorporated with the overall design.


For an enhanced user interface, the power button and volume bar are indicated by LED backlight and the layout is carefully devised after a series of user experience studies and scenario simulation.


HTC Wi-Fi Bridge

Following the same design language of the speaker, this Wi-Fi bridge shows beauty of simplicity, yet the metallic texture and geometric shape add an edgy feel to it. Users can position the product vertically or horizontally with its well-integrated antenna.