VIVAS Smart Biometric Bracelet

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-07

Establish Healthier Living in Style

CRE8 was excited to collaborate with a startup company to develop a Smart Biometric Bracelet, implementing the latest wearable technologies. CRE8’s designers not only worked on the industrial design and mechanical engineering, but also devised the brand’s logo and product packaging.

Targeting the emerging APAC (Asia-Pacific) market, instead of being sports-oriented, this bracelet delivers a high-end, urban feeling for people who care about their health but would like to stay stylish at the same time. Therefore the product exterior resembles a fine piece of jewelry which comfortably and fashionably fits both male and female users.

This waterproof bracelet is made of half rubber and half CNC milled stainless steel. The rubber part prevents inner antenna interference while enhancing the tactility; the metal part with chrome finish increases conductivity and blends in a luxurious touch.

Its streamlined, crossed shape allows for more inner space to store components: a “gyroscope” is used to measure orientation based on the principle of rotation; taking into account weight, shape and speed. The flexible printed circuits inside also enable size adjustment.

Compatible with most smartphones, the Smart Biometric Bracelet helps you establish healthier living in style.