MOOY Cable Butlers

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-05



CRE8 helped with the establishment of this new brand - MOOY - all the way from market analysis, defining target groups, naming, logo design, web design, packaging to product development.

The team then selected a specific market segment - the young and dynamic Millennium generation. To present product offerings that tie in with this hyper-connected, on-the-go lifestyle, CRE8’s designers brainstormed ideas which help solve problems encountered in urban people’s everyday life, and deliver a fun, smart brand spirit.

The very first two product series of MOOY focus on cable management:



For people who take their headsets everywhere to stream music but struggle with a tangled situation when storing the device, the ultraportable SNAPPY protects the ear-buds from damage while offering space to neatly manage cables. The headsets are sheltered by a rubberized metal spring plate that can responsively roll up cables and transform the device into a handy bundled solution.




WIREWING cable clamp is a simple yet innovative solution to manage almost any type of cable. Through an intuitive, one-step operation, it will grab around your wires making it a compact package. Users can easily unroll by opening the metal spring plate. Like SNAPPY, WIREWING is also available in various colors, indicating different personalities.

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