Omni Soft Parts

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-04


Strapped for Heavy Duty Battles

The fabric parts of the harness contraption play a critical role in the overall success of the entire product. These are the parts that come into close contact with the user, and a fundamental part to securing the player or user in the Virtuix Omni unit. They are designed first and foremost for security and comfort, hugging the user snuggly and creating the link between the user and the main unit.

The fabric parts of the harness consist of two main parts, i.e. the belt and the thigh straps. The belt holds the user securely and maintains at the right level in the Omni unit. The thigh straps give the extra snug feel and fitting to the Virtuix Omni harness. It prevents slipping and reduces unwanted movements within the harness and the main unit.

The journey to creating such an intricate part revolves around lots of testing, taking of dimensions and lots of other data collection in order to come up with the most comfortably fitting sizes for the various users of the Virtuix Omni platform.



The design of the belt part provides enough back support with a large and well-padded surface with a gradual reduction transition to the front of the belt. Cardboard cut-outs where used for rough prototypes to learn more about the behaviour of the belt so as to design solutions to resolve any of the inconveniences posed by the harness. Simple, yet smart breakup of the surface with different colour tone fabrics helped make the belt look and feel light as well as making it approachable.



The idea behind gradually reducing the overall width of the belt as it moves from the back to the front, is to make it easy for the user to hold and bring it over to be strapped in, with the help of the Velcro stitched on the inside of the belt. A smartly designed and positioned cross-over belt helps with the final securing of the user to the harness.



Simple, un-intrusive, and easy to reach leg straps help further hold the user in place. Provision of padded buttock fabrics provides comfort during game play in the main unit. Smartly designed and placed accents help tire in the overall products together. The ends of the straps are designed to be slightly weighted and colour coded to hang easily to locate.

The concept development of the soft parts involved fabric sourcing of breathable and easy to clean fabric types as well as sourcing the appropriate patterns for this specific concept. Extensive testing was also critical to addressing and solving any associated problems of strapping on the harness.


The process also involved the cutting of several patterns for the various types and sizes to communicate easily with the manufacturers in the soft goods industry. Extensive and descriptive documents were compiled to help with communication between the parties involved.


Coupled with our new soft goods specialist, CRE8 DESIGN was able to pull off a great feasible design that met all the requirements of not only the project but also that of the end users.