Virtuix Omni Harness

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2015-04


Security in Feeling Strapped

CRE8 DESIGN is once again commissioned with the design of an innovative and breakthrough supporting product for the growing industry of VR technology.

The Virtuix Omni Harness is designed to create a carefree, immersive and an engaging experience in the virtual world. The concept is to encourage the user to concentrate on playing and enjoying the game without the worry of falling over.

The overall design of the harness not only takes into consideration the ergonomics and ease of use, but CRE8 DESIGN also designed it to be intuitive thereby making the learning curve of using the product as quick as possible to place the end-user’s focus on enjoying the ever engaging VR games.

Taking smart cues from the Virtuix Omni main unit was made easy given the unique design of the unit. A truly symbiotic relationship is clearly established between the harness and the main unit, through the shapes, accents and the choice of materials and finishes.

Designing the harness took a lot of iteration and testing in order to make the product as user friendly as possible. Given the complexity of the product, it was also imperative to design and portray the product in the most un-intimidating appearance.

Playing in the Omni is made to be a lot more fun with the harness securing the player in place. A symbiosis that is not easily broken.

The product is designed to allow a wide range and degrees of movement as well as promoting security and trustworthiness as the underlying effect. The frame of the harness is made of an extruded and bended aluminium tube, which is extremely strong and very light for this purpose. To create a high-end and durable finish, the aluminium frame was anodized, which inherently blends well together with the main unit.


The fabric parts of the harness consist of two main parts, i.e. the belt and the thigh straps. The belt holds the user securely and maintains at the right level in the Omni unit. The thigh straps give the extra snug feel and fitting to the Virtuix Omni harness. It prevents slipping and reduces unwanted movements within the harness and the main unit.

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