Rocketfish™ RMF Charger Program


Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2013-05

Over the course of collaborations on more than 20 projects under the Rocketfish® brand, Best Buy and CRE8 DESIGN have developed a rewarding relationship based on mutual trust and marketplace success. Thus when Rocketfish® sought to reinvent the look and feel of their popular collection of chargers, CRE8 DESIGN stepped up to the challenge.

Similar to the process of designing a corporate identity, CRE8 DESIGN’s team developed a consistent design language that communicates brand credibility to key target audiences and can be applied to similar, existing Rocketfish products with the potential to be expanded to different SKUs later on. Since the adoption of this new design language, Rocketfish® has been able to evolve the collection to approach a wider audience.



Responding to users’ increasing dependence on multiple electronic devices, the vehicle and wall chargers are designed to be compatible with Kindles and a wide range of smart phones and tablets.


CRE8 DESIGN also infused this collection with strong ergonomic elements. Streamlined bodies with rounded angles make the products visually appealing and comfortable to hold, while the curved indentation with double-injected rubber ring surrounding the chargers and the side ribs of the cable eliminate slippery grips.
The Rocketfish® vehicle charger also provides a nice visual cue – a bluish hue that shines through the USB ports when the device is connected, creating an atmospheric mood and enabling quick location in low-visibility conditions.