Corsair® Obsidian 900D (Godzilla) Gaming PC Case

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2013-02

CRE8 DESIGN, a progressive product design firm based in Taipei and Silicon Valley, has collaborated with high-performance PC gaming component leader Corsair® to develop the Obsidian 900D (Godzilla) Gaming PC Case, targeting the extreme enthusiast PC gaming market.


Exuding unrestrained strength and power, this mammoth PC is designed specifically for extreme enthusiasts looking to build their ultimate gaming PC case or server case. Featuring ample space for multiple configurations and permutations, this case is truly versatile.

The 900D’s minimal yet monolithic look, die-cast frames, brushed aluminum fascia, front “stealth” air intakes, unique mesh design and patterns, neatly concealed side panel locks, quick-access lower bays, and sheer sense of dynamic potency make it a truly distinctive case, overshadowing anything else on the market today.

CRE8 DESIGN knows the gaming market well, yet for this effort, the team performed additional, intensive research to determine what sophisticated end users really need from this type of PC case, taking cues from Corsair® 800D’s distinctive look and the sense of presence. CRE8’s creative team then refined the design still further, earning it “flagship” status.

Leading online tech forums have been quick to hail the 900D. AnandTech reports: “Corsair's gone back to the top and produced a new king of the castle in the Obsidian 900D.”

LegitReview weighs in: “A little over three years ago, Corsair entered the PC Chassis market with a bang. They launched the Corsair® Obsidian 800D. Since then many companies have tried to meet the level of quality that Corsair® brought to the table with the 800D, but few have succeeded. Today, we are confident that one company has exceeded expectations and brought a bigger, better case to the playground. Once again though, it's Corsair®.”

States Kris Verstockt, CRE8’s CEO and founder: “Our ongoing design collaboration with Corsair® has resulted in yet another winning product that fills a real need in the gaming marketplace."

The Obsidian 900D (Godzilla) Gaming PC Case will be available during the first quarter of 2013.