TTRI Hydrophilic Fabric (Aquatimo)

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2012-11







CRE8 DESIGN was approached by the Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) to assist them in developing new and innovative applications for their proprietary hydrophilic nylon material, Aquatimo.  

Our product design team proposed a range of groundbreaking concepts that showcased TTRI’s core technological innovations. TTRI had vital channels in place to approach potential manufacturers capable of producing this product and generating a market for it.  

TTRI chose CRE8 DESIGN’s unique TTRI Maternity Belt as the concept that best demonstrated Aquatimo’s distinctive features. This fabric becomes softer and more comfortable when it comes in contact with skin, and its superior moisture absorption makes it perfect for women who perspire more heavily during pregnancy.  

In addition to emphasizing the technical improvements associated with the new nylon, CRE8 DESIGN worked to improve upon other issues that are common with existing maternity belts. The team introduced supporting structures on the back of the belt to alleviate stress and pain, and the design is easier to put while offering greater size adjustment flexibility throughout pregnancy. CRE8 DESIGN’s design was also flexible enough to allow the future introduction of sound to create a stronger bond between a pregnant woman and her baby.