Corsair® C70 Gaming PC Case

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2012-06



CRE8 DESIGN collaborated with CORSAIR® to develop an all-new Vengeance C70 Gaming PC Case, targeting the PC gaming market at the highest performance level.  

Inspired by military combat equipment, the Vengeance C70 Gaming Case features an ammo-box style with rugged all-steel exterior and interior. Its integrated flip-up carry handles help gamers move their gear to the next LAN party with ease. Quick-release latches on the side panels make the system a breeze to access. The C70 Gaming Case’s controls also take cues from the tools of war; a welded steel protection frame surrounds the power button, and the reset button sports iconic chevron printing.  

From inside out, CRE8 DESIGN has aided CORSAIR ® in “jacking up” the DIY user experience for the gaming enthusiast by providing enhanced expansion capability and cooling permutations. Smart cable management and routing channels with built-in clamping features ensure a neat and tidy system build.  

With its solid all-metal construction, excellent build quality, and versatile design, The Vengeance C70 Gaming Case is always COMBAT READY.