Thermos® Premium Wok

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2008-03

The Thermos® Wok incorporates superconductive multi-ply carbon steel with a stylish and sleek design to create a premium product of superior quality.

Many producers use welding and riveting during wok production , resulting in misshaping and broken handles . In addition, the riveted areas are difficult to clean, since food can get stuck in crevasses and connections.
CRE8 DESIGN’s production invention greatly improves on these shortcomings by shaping the handles out of the same multi-layered steel as the wok itself. Usability studies also showed that cooks would prefer enlarged handles that provide better ergonomics and the ability to keep their hands away from hot surfaces.

CRE8 DESIGN also incorporated smart design traits such as grease-reducing patterns on the bottom of the bowl and a lid handle that allows for utensil storage during cooking.