VOX Touch Multipoint BT Headset

Service : Industrial Design

Release Date : 2009-04-11

CRE8 DESIGN fused multiple technical innovations into the VOX Touch Bluetooth Headset to deliver an entirely new user experience. An advanced sensor enables intuitive gestures like a single touch to answer a call, double tap to end the call, slide and hold to adjust volume, and much more.  

Additionally, the headset features advanced multipoint technology that connects to both cell phone and PC simultaneously. Simply touch the unit to put your PC call on hold while answering your mobile phone.  

CRE8 DESIGN further accentuated these innovations through the use of smooth contact surfaces and exclusive materials. The VOX Touch Bluetooth Headset is also arched inwards to emphasize its slim proportions, again calling attention to its high-tech credentials.  

Joined with a stylish foldable charging stand, the VOX Touch Bluetooth Headset entices the premium buyer with its distinctive package (also designed by CRE8 DESIGN). This unit won the coveted iF award in 2009.