Service : Graphic Design

Release Date : 2015-04


Branding for the Millennium Generation

When CRE8 DESIGN started building this new brand, we targeted a specific market segment - the young and dynamic Millennium generation who enjoys a hyper-connected, on-the-go lifestyle which can be dubbed URBAN FLUX.


This generation redefines the meaning of private space to be anywhere they can get online. Thus we wanted to create a brand and product lines that focus on identifying and solving the problems generated by this lifestyle, while infusing a fun, bright, and smart spirit into the brand.


Making urban life more convenient is what this brand aspires to achieve, but it doesn’t mean that aesthetics should be sacrificed when we pay attention to the functionality. Therefore CRE8 came up with the word “MOOI”, which in Dutch means nice and beautiful. To make the name even more hip and memorable, a moniker that ends with the letter “Y” was chosen. The brand’s name - “MOOY” was thus born.


For a new brand like MOOY, the logo design must connect immediately with target customers, so CRE8 portrayed MOOY’s personality through its shape, icon, and interrelations between each letter. After many times of iteration, a bold yet clean logo was created with the connected double “O”s symbolizing a pair of glasses or binoculars, as we expect MOOY to be a city observer. The letter “Y” uses negative space to create its shape, personifying the smart approach to each product that MOOY delivers.


The Millennium generation tends to use multiple mobile devices rather than a fixed desktop. Considering user habits and behavior, CRE8’s designers adopt the Responsive web design (RWD) approach to build better viewing experience that fits devices across a wide range. The “one-page long-scrolling” design solution provides easy and intuitive operation without having to compromise the functions, while the images used visualize the urban and trendy nature of MOOY.



The stop motion film provides different scenarios which are related to people’s everyday life and clearly demonstrate the product features in a fun and friendly mood.

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