bPoint Branding

Service : Branding, Website, App, Package Design

Release Date : 2014-06

A Comprehensive Design Solution for Smarter Living

CRE8 DESIGN was commissioned by our client to devise a new product and brand bPoint - including its logo, corporate ID through product design, and packaging. This assignment represented an exciting opportunity to establish a product and brand all the way through from the initial stages to production.

Logo Design

The design process for this logo was an inspirational journey. Due to the need for this logo to be instantly recognized and accepted worldwide, CRE8’s team came up with a concept using concentric circles to symbolize the planets and the universe. The extension of the circles also embodies infinite possibilities and imbues the logo with a more profound meaning.

Website Design/App Design

bPoint’s products are based on a human-centered design approach. Thus, the website, the App, and the interface share the same principles: they are intuitive, informative, and easy for anyone to use.

The instructional icons were tested multiple times to ensure they were straightforward for all users. The interface incorporates the brand’s theme colors--blue and white as well as the logo’s iconic concentric circles within the edit button to keep the visual elements consistent, while the drawings provide a user-friendly gateway for people to adapt to the new technology.

Package Design

Package Design This product’s package design would be instrumental in terms of establishing a first impression with potential buyers. Therefore, the exterior and unboxing experiences were carefully considered, since a primary focus was to encourage people to open the box without being intimidated by a new technology. The resulting box creates an immediate connection to users through its approachable graphic design and cleverly designed, eco-friendly structure, which allows for minimum materials used.

The overall branding and product experience creates a feeling of comfort and ease for smarter living.