SHL® Auto- Injector Package

Service : Package Design

Release Date : 2012-08


Attractive, Accessible Packaging for Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

SHL®- the largest privately owned manufacturer of drug delivery systems in the world - commissioned CRE8 DESIGN to develop the packaging for their innovative Molly™ and DAI™ Auto Injectors. Both ultra-compact devices are intuitive, easy to use, and exceptionally portable. These groundbreaking injectors integrate extensive safety features with a supremely precise and reliable injection mechanism.  

CRE8 DESIGN constructed the containers to extend this superior quality to the unboxing experience. We incorporated a thumb-press opening solution that is neatly integrated with the overall graphics; it becomes immediately apparent that immediate and simple access to the device was the core strategy behind the entire design process. Like the amazing design features in Molly™ and DAI™, the package is designed from the ground up.  

The quality of the package design conveys the quality of the product. Both Molly™ and DAI™ packages feature a white background in combination with confident blue and purple color schemes to visually translate the superiority of the devices that they contain. Information hierarchy is a must, and the graphics are self-explanatory, with the dosage information (principal message) conveniently presented right next to the product name. Additional instructions are displayed according to level of importance on the sides and the back of the pack.  

CRE8 DESIGN also rebuilt the structural inner blister that holds the drug delivery system, providing complete protection throughout the supply chain, while retaining the strategy of easy access and convenient disposal after use.  

With their unifying themes, the Molly™ and DAI™ packages are reflective of their product values while professionally communicating a valued brand to its intended audience.