Corporate brand awareness campaign

Service : Branding Design

Release Date : Dec 2008

In response to a request by a key client, CRE8 DESIGN developed a corporate brand awareness campaign that was leveraged across a range of platforms, including posters, billboards, in-train advertising, magazines, and the internet.  

This client prides itself on providing a smart, cost-effective and innovative alternative to the established “crowd.” With the “Guess Who is Having Fun?’ campaign, the CRE8 DESIGN graphic team used imagery, slogans and typography to express that our client was the” more sensible, less old school and more fun” newcomer on the block.  

As the brand matured, CRE8 DESIGN was asked to develop a more focused and daring campaign for the company’s input device category. With the “Put Your Hands to Better Use” slogan, the graphic design team focused on a younger, urban, male and tech-savvy user with highly successful results.