Cost Effective yet Iconic Package Design

Service : Package Design

Release Date : 2009-01

CRE8 DESIGN created an iPhone Power Case that doubles as protection for your iPhone while significantly increasing the time you can talk, surf, play videos, or listen to music. Our client also commissioned the CRE8 DESIGN graphic team to build a package that helps in selling the iPhone Power Case core attributes.  

CRE8 DESIGN constructed a unique see-through package that displays the iPhone Power Case’s slim and stylish design. Free from clutter and obstructions, the unit seems to be floating in mid-air. All the attention is focused on the packaged iPhone Power Case, and this is reinforced by the strong black gloss border that, like a framed art work, builds a powerful shelf presence.  

A key point is that this elegant effect was achieved without adding any extra cost to the package. Structurally it is still a blister and corrugated cardboard box. We just put the components together in a very innovative way.