Molly Product Introduction Kit

Service : Package Design

Release Date : 2010-09

Molly is an innovative auto-injector pen designed to meet the needs of both the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

CRE8 DESIGN was asked to create innovative and attractive packaging that helps demonstrate to potential customers that this is a simple, safe and attractive product.

The package solution resulted in the “Meet Molly” sample kit, which was designed to entice customers to test out the auto-injector pens. The unique package visually assures patients that this pen is less intimidating than the typical injection tool that arrives in a generic, sterile medical box.

Both the exterior and interior appearance of the package were designed to be clean and approachable. CRE8 designed the packaging to make key information conveniently accessible through the introductory booklet and CD. “Meet Molly’s” all-in-one package design includes three sample auto-injector pens along with a test pad to demonstrate how the injection pens work.