HCMedi Booth Display

Service : Brand Identity Design & Booth Design


Aiming High for Uniqueness and Consistency

After designing the CI system for HCMedi, CRE8 also helped the company to devise their booth display for a series of trade shows. Following HCMedi’s brand language and their primary product line - Deepro’s identity, the design team extended the colors of red, grey, and blue to the overall visuals for the booth. The color red symbolizes passion and energy; the grey balances out with trust and sophistication; the blue exudes sheer confidence.

The icons were cleverly illustrated to demonstrate the company’s product features while keeping in line with the corporate image. The design could also be easily applied to booth posters and other marketing collaterals.

For the Respiratory Drug Delivery show, because of the table display’s height limitation and the “no-extra-light-fixtures” rules, the design job became rather challenging; but the team came up with a strategy using portable and easily assembled triangles as main elements to symbolize mountains and deliver the brand message - aim high, creating an innovative and refreshing exhibit.

Following a consistent design language for the display at ERS International Congress, CRE8 played with layers using the same color and shape elements to build a lively atmosphere while clearly showing the product strengths to attract visitors.