Delta User Guidebooks Design

Service : Strategic Branding



Smart Design for a Reader Friendly Experience

Branding goes far beyond designing a logo. Delta understands the importance of design consistency not only on the corporate level, but also for its services and product lines. Therefore, after developing a consistent product identity for its business groups, CRE8 was commissioned again to design user guidebooks for Delta’s research center.

Cornerstone is Delta’s middleware/framework/platform for IoT solutions. CRE8 designed a series of guidebooks for Cornerstone’s users including the applications development, API specification, IDE installation, and IDE user manual, all with the same design language applied, from the layout, picture styles and formats, fonts, to the clearly explained steps, providing a user-friendly operating experience.

The guidebooks also follow Delta’s corporate branding elements, building credibility and a strong sense of professionalism. After completing the design for its current guidebooks, the CRE8 team established a set of guidelines for Cornerstone’s future manuals design, making the experience better and extended.