bPoint UI Design

Service : User Interface Design

Release Date : 2014-07


Superb user interface design is essential to an excellent overall product experience. This is especially true for bPoint’s App, which aims to create a virtual butler that helps you manage and control the energy consumed by your appliances when you are away.

CRE8’s graphic team embraced the minimalist beauty of flat design and utilized this principle to develop a clean and approachable layout. Different colors and informative icons were used to define the options. In order to ensure instant recognition of essential icons, the designers sent out multiple rounds of surveys to potential users.

This intuitive interface also incorporates the iconic concentric circles from bPoint’s logo within its edit button to keep the visual details consistent. The Quickstart guide features an evocative, hand-drawn illustration that transmits a “human” connection so users can embrace a new technology without feeling intimidated.

The website interface reflects a coherent design language couched in theme colors of blue and white as well as the logo’s graphical elements, creating an attractive and cohesive user experience.