SHL Packaging System

Service : Graphic Design

Release Date : 2015-10

A Family Look & A Friendly Experience

Stripping away stereotypical visual elements of a “clinical” feeling, the new SHL auto injector package system creates a friendly unboxing experience by incorporating a human-centered design approach to generate a sense of ease and comfort for patients.

A smartly designed dieline for thumb/knuckle press opening solution was invented specifically for patients who suffer from muscle illness and cannot use their hands freely.


The system shows great versatility in terms of different combinations: single, double, and 4-pack boxes; as well as interchangeable paper and blister inner structures. The box can easily be scaled to different ratios for injectors of all sizes and was made easy for automatic assembly.

Adding to the family is a promotional gift - TRIO - a triangular injection pad that pairs with the injector. TRIO’s package follows the same design language for intuitive usage while providing a special buffer inside for protection.