Service : Graphic Design

Release Date : 2015-12

A Logo with Fresh Spirit

With the leading-edge MD Self-Steering™ Technology, HCMedi launched its high-end product line - Deepro - targeting Europe and US markets. The foremost product developed for Deepro is a vibrating mesh nebulizer for asthma treatment. CRE8 was then asked to assist in the logo design and collaterals.

The brand name - Deepro - is a combination of “deep breath” and “professional”. Following its naming strategy, CRE8’s team designed a logo that is fresh, smart, stands out from the crowd, and builds trust with the clients as Deepro provides products mainly for hospitals and pharmacies.

The logo uses lowercase letters for a more balanced and less serious composition. A sans-serif typeface delivers a modern and friendly feeling, while the strokes are fine-tuned to flatter the icon’s shape. The halftone dots cleverly visualize the feature of the product - nebulization; the color “blue” exudes sheer confidence with the interpretation of 2 different percentages. The specially designed logo shape can work well with various production effects.

CRE8’s graphic team also helped make the guideline to demonstrate and define different scenarios for logo application. Deepro portrays an approachable brand image that is professional, yet delightful enough to stay away from a gloomy mood.

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