Virtuix Omni Starter Kit

Service: Graphic Design

Release Date : 2015-12

Unlock Your VR World

To bring you a superior VR experience from the very first moment you receive the Omni, Virtuix wanted CRE8’s team to design a sophisticated box-in-a-box type of starter kit to welcome proud Omni owners.

When you unpack the main unit, you will be greeted by a premium-feel, hardcover, matte cardboard box that contains the Omni tracking pods and a user manual, helping you get familiar with the Omni treadmill.


The overall design language takes cues from their circular logo and CI color – green to enhance the brand identity, as well as incorporates a friendly unboxing and reading experience.

The box comes with a magnetic top cover. After opening it, a green welcome card that guides you through the steps will be the first thing you see. The tabs on both sides provide easy access to the products, while a triple-layer, indented inner blister is designed to resonate with the pods’ octagonal shape.

Attached to the cover is a folder for placing the user manual. To take you on board, a virtual character – Doc V appears in the booklet to introduce everything you need to know about the product. The guide includes a complete list of all parts and components and clear page layout that accentuates important warnings and information.


Due to the intricacy of the Omni treadmill, the manual is illustrated in detailed line drawing to give instructions from assembly to disassembly. The drawings also indicate the achieved level of installation progress page by page to put your mind at ease when learning to use the product. 

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