Kris Verstockt Owner & Executive Director

Kris Verstockt is the founder and senior tactician at CRE8 DESIGN. He is involved in all the strategic planning ... more
Lee Chen Senior Design Manager

Experience in product design, project management, manufacturing and graphic design since ... more
Willie Wu Partner & Senior Design Manager

Willie joined the Primax ID team in 1997 as a Product Designer. By 2001, he had been promoted to Team Leader ... more
Georg Todtenbier Senior Design Manager

After working as a stone sculptor and studying Fine Arts, Georg found his passion for Design ... more
Pitt Chang Design Manager

Pitt is an award-winning industrial designer with 15+ years of experience in the fields of consumer electronics, computer ... more
Vincent Huang R&D Manager

With a major in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Vincent joined CRE8 in 2009. His strong ... more
Chia-Ling Liu Design Manager

Chia-Ling joined CRE8 DESIGN in 2011. She holds an FdA degree in Graphic Design from London ... more
Susan Pai Office Manager

With over 15 years of experience in office management both in Taiwan and in China, Susan shows excellent skill... more


Eric Wei

Product Design Supervisor

Soar She

Senior Product Designer

Leo Chiu

Assistant Design Manager

Vita Yang

Lead Designer

Jim Yu

Lead R&D Engineer

Grant Huang

Lead R&D Engineer

Ben Chen

Sr. Graphic Designer

Dylan Sung

Sr. Product Designer

Jerry Chen

Product Designer

Kinonko Kao

Graphic Designer

Melody Cho

PR Specialist

Westin Hsu

Product Designer

Peter Chia

R&D Engineer

Oscar Coutinho

Product Designer

David Hsu

R&D Engineer

Wendy Huang

Office Administrator

Vincent Xu

Graphic Designer

Ada Chen

Graphic Designer

Eugene Chen

Product Designer

Hugo Kuo

Product Designer

Mike Hsu

Product Designer

Mina Wu


Chiao Lee

Product Designer

Dave Chang

Product Designer

Alan Lee

Product Designer