CRE8 DESIGN and Stanford’s Young Entrepreneurs Brainstorm in a Hackathon


Culture Clash on a Train

11 hours on track. A fast-moving train. 50 creative thinkers, movers, and shakers. How do global innovators span cultures to ignite and meld the sparks that lead to revolutionary ideas? Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan will sponsor “On-Track: Hackathon on a Train” December 16 and 17 in Taipei to foster this truly exciting cross-cultural idea exchange.

CRE8 DESIGN’s award-winning team has been invited to play a key mentor role in this pilot event that enables students and young entrepreneurs from Taiwan and Stanford University to brainstorm and innovate together. Stanford GSB received nearly 50 applicants for this event, and only four students were selected from this strong pool to travel to Taiwan.

Innovation Incubator for Bright Start-ups

During the train journey along Taiwan’s beautiful eastern coastline, Georg Todtenbier, Manager at CRE8 DESIGN, will be one of the mentors during this 11-hour brainstorming marathon. To leverage the collective power of this dynamic group through an intense approach, Marguerite Hancock, Director of the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, will facilitate the Hackathon event and serve on the panel of judges, which will also include Kris Verstockt, CRE8 DESIGN’s Founder and Executive Director. Out of 4 teams, the winning team will receive a sponsorship to apply their innovative solutions to real-world situations.


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