Corsair Voyager Air: A Do Anything, Anywhere NAS


Corsair, primarily known as a manufacturer for PC memory and power supply, is breaking into new territory with Voyager Air, an all-in-one wireless hard drive that's just as useful on the road as it is in your living room.

This neat little box is essentially four products in one: a mobile wireless drive, home network attached storage (NAS), USB 3.0 drive, and mobile wireless hub. Plus, you can access media it's storing both traditionally or by downloading their free app (available for both Android and iOS).

Now while it's certainly not the first to do any one of these things individually, if you're a frequent—or even occasional—traveler with a short attention span, it could be handy to have all these components rolled into one package. And once you do go wireless, you've got a listed 7-hour battery life to work with, which should be plenty of time to keep you happy between charges.

The Voyager Air will be available beginning sometime in early February at $180 for 500GB models and $219 for 1TB models.