CES Asia 2016 Show Observation


Only in its second year, CES Asia has already doubled its size compared with last year’s edition. Our Design Manager, Pitt, was in Shanghai last week to catch some of the latest industry trends.

VR is Literally Everywhere

VR products, from entry-level to high-end, were presented by almost every exhibitor whether a startup or a big brand. Though the technology has been developed and implemented in various fields, at this year’s CES Asia, most of the VR gadgets still focused mainly on entertainment. While the market is being hit by all sorts of VR hardware, the content really needs to keep up to create a better and more immersive VR experience.

Drones and Electric Cars

Another trend that dominated the show floor was the drones and electric cars. The applications for drones can be seen on all levels. Some are simply used as toys while some are for serious business. One interesting concept is to build an “intelligent city” through the Internet of Vehicles (IoV). From e-cars to self-driving cars, the ultimate goal is to create a traffic-light-free system with the help of sensors, data collection and analysis, that would allow driverless vehicles to safely pass through intersections without collision and to save commute times.

While the show is getting bigger, we look forward to seeing more international brands next year participating in the event.