CRE8 Held Scenario Mapping Workshop at Tatung University


CRE8’s Design Manager - Nikoi Sanniez - was invited by Tatung University to hold a workshop for their Master’s students. The workshop centered around the theme of “Scenario Mapping”, which consists of Reality Mapping, Personas, and Design Mapping, to emphasize the importance of understanding the way in which a product is used through observation, investigation, and research.

Why do we pick one product over the other or why do we follow a particular brand? Sometimes it’s because of the experience it offers, a key driving reason for our decision making.

The idea is also to be able to identify areas of concern in order to set out or implement design strategies to improve a product or come up with other products that serve the purpose.

During the workshop, 24 students were divided into 5 groups and each group was given a product to map out how a person uses it documenting each step taken and making comments as well as identifying their problems and giving solutions to them.