GTV Introduced CRE8 DESIGN and Kris Verstockt on the News


Kris Verstockt found a great opportunity to utilize Taiwan as a platform to expand internationally. Within 18 years in Taiwan, he founded CRE8 Design, which is currently a successful design company. Kris and CRE8 Design has also helped Taiwan win numerous international design awards. CRE8 Design has created innovative designs for clients such as Dell, IBM, Nokia, HP, etc.

Although, the design industry is fast paced and we strive for the cutting edge, Kris pays homage to vintage and classic designs, such as old architecture. There are still some examples of vintage architecture on Zhong Shan North Road, but there numbers are dwindling fast. As a result, streets become homogenized with concrete buildings. Taiwan should continue to value vintage design and architecture in order to keep part of it's cultural heritage alive.

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