CRE8 DESIGN Takes Home Two COMPUTEX d&i Awards


CRE8 DESIGN's highly acclaimed Gaming Mouse 700M and Gaming Keyboard 700K, designed for leading-edge gaming hardware brand COUGAR, not only generated much praise and attention at COMPUTEX, but were also selected by the jury as COMPUTEX d&i award winners after their recent iF wins.

“Our team is exhilarated by the news, and we feel honored to be able to validate our client’s vision by delivering disruptive designs that win this type of recognition,” commented Kris Verstockt, Founder of CRE8 DESIGN.

“CRE8 demonstrated their expertise in every aspect of design. I am particularly impressed by how they designed the exterior of the products as well as their understanding and application of ergonomics,” stated Lio Huang, COUGAR’s Brand Director.

CRE8 has been honored with 54 international design awards to date.

COUGAR Gaming Mouse 700M

This game-changing mouse is built on a metallic chassis that provides enhanced strength. An ergonomic palm rest module is interchangeable, while a unique sniper button is designed with a 45-degree angle to reduce side force for fast activation and precise aiming. The strain-relief grip and the weight cartridge reference gaming weapons.

COUGAR Gaming Keyboard 700K

Inspired by stealth technology, this keyboard incorporates visual elements of a battleship. Geometric facets, a bent aluminum plate, and a premium anodized surface proclaim high quality and advanced gaming capabilities. The keyboard’s structure is enhanced for excellent support and provides a bolstered wrist rest for comfort during extended play. Intuitive key and button groupings draw attention to key areas so gamers can focus on the match.


With offices in both Taipei and the U.S., CRE8 DESIGN offers a multicultural array of award-winning product designers, graphic designers, branding experts, and mechanical engineers whose real-world experience with firms like Best Buy, Corsair, Rocketfish, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and many others ensures the success of your next product development effort.