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Creating the Vogue Mini-PC


VIA Technologies Inc. hired CRE8 DESIGN to develop the industrial designs for a Mini-PC program that allows a high degree of customization. The project strategy is to allow consumers to select a preferred chassis at the point of sales and the Mini-PC internals must drop effortlessly into the selected casing. The team got very excited as the ‘designed-for-transformation’ strategy was at the edge of consumer focused product exploration.

We set up a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in different backgrounds such as graphic and fashion design, product design, engineering and marketing to breathe life into a rather ordinary, square computer mainboard in such manner that it targets a different audience by using drop-and-go customization. Different tastes require contrasting styles with unique usage scenarios and a strong sense of individuality.

With that in mind we designed the VIA Quickslip technology-- an internal enclosure containing all components that can easily slide into different housings, much like changing a memory stick in your camera. Even if you want different styles at home or in the office, just carry your Mini-PC internal chassis as you would do with your notebook and ‘Quickslip’ it into your different housing.

In correlation with developing the Quickslip technology, CRE8 DESIGN held multiple in-depth and cross-discipline ideation exercises that delivered a diverse collection of users which we categorized in target groups. By relating these groups to actual products, materials, texture and colors, we created detailed mood boards which guided us through our concept sketching, material selection and product design.

This resulted into enclosures that target those who are looking for lifestyle products and want to break with the boring PC. These consumers also understand that this is not done by just changing the color of a cover plate. They include the fashionable female, classic male as well as style conscious tweens.

You can dress the VIA Technology Vogue Mini-PC according to your personal style and you can show it off with a deeper sense of pride. Never again will your system be hidden under the table.