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Congratulations to our Client Corsair for being the Third Most Popular Brand of PC Gaming Peripherals in the World


Corsair has been a major brand in high-performance computer upgrades like liquid cooling solutions and fast memory for over twenty years, but it has only recently entered into creating gaming-related peripherals. In the two years since Corsair Gaming first launched, it has grown into the third most popular brand of PC gaming peripherals in the world, rivaling well-known names like Logitech and Razer, while remaining one of the top computer component manufacturers.

That success is largely attributed to the company’s loyal fan base and the work of Corsair’s marketing team, including Greg Agius, director of marketing for Corsair Gaming, and his team of social media and eSports experts. Agius has a long history with the gaming industry, having worked at Activision marketing games and at Razer before coming to Corsair in 2014. Corsair Gaming has tripled in size since then, and the company is just getting started.

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