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TweakTown: “Cougar 450M Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse offers a styling that has grown on us”


This time around we are offered an ambidextrous design, using an optical sensor at the heart of things, yet it still sports a pair of Omron switches to offer gamers everything they are typically used to when it comes to selecting a high-quality mouse to deal out the damage in whatever your favorite genre of games may be.

The mouse we are getting up close and personal with today is the Cougar 450M Optical Gaming Mouse with the Black Edition moniker attached to it. As you are about to see, even though it is an ambidextrous design which a lot of right-hand users prefer not to opt into, the 450M offers a feel and customizability that makes you almost forget that it is ambidextrous in the first place. Using top tier components where it matters, offering a styling that has grown on us, all packed into a lightweight peripheral offers users comfort and ease of use with little drag or effort associated with using it.

In the end, we are pleased with what the 450M from Cougar is capable of, how well it glides on most surfaces, and what all can be had under either a right or left hand, and we know there are plenty of gamers out there right now pondering buying this mouse. Hopefully Cougar or US Customs can speed things up for us on this side of the pond, as our feeling is that the 450M Optical Gaming Mouse is a worthy option to those who demand a bit more from their mouse.

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